Vasco: Korean Style Mexican Food

There is not much better at the end (sort of the end) of the day, than a huge Margarita. The only thing better? A Corona flipped upside down in it. I went on an adventure today to find a balloon/party supply store. Both of my babies have a Birthday within a month!! My son turns three in Saturday and I just wanted to pick up a couple things. 

  I chose to walk as parking is next to impossible downtown and I have a huge American truck. I sort of didn’t realize how crazy far I was going to walk. Let’s just say I got well over my 10,000 step goal. 

Well, the place I went, actually called a balloon cafe was 1: not an actual cafe. There was no coffee. 2: it wasn’t so much of go and buy balloons but more of a go learn how to make balloon animals type place (I just wanted helium filled balloons). 3: it was 4 in the afternoon, the lights were on, but nobody was home. Not being discourage I tried a couple more stores farther from home (more walking!!) and was still not successful. All well. 

Lucky for me, there is a great Mexican restaurant in an ally way I only stumbled upon trying to find a craft store. It has huge corona ritas and decent Mexican type food for being an ocean away. They give free tortillas and salsa when you sit down which is a nice change of pase from the free kimchee typically served with traditional Korean food. Don’t get me wrong, kimchee is great with Korean food.

 I had a chimichanga with a house made salsa that was pretty spicy. I really enjoyed it. It was filled with chicken, rice, beans and cheese, deep fat fried with a cheese sauce over the top. The kids split a cheese quesadilla, which strange as it seems was sweet. I have found the food in Korea is either sweet or spicy. No bland flavors here!

Maybe it’s the margarita, but I love this place and ₩32,700 (about $28) isn’t too bad. But it’s good I walked then took the train home!

Vasco is on Dongseongno4gil, in Daegu.  I typically take Jungangno station (Red Line) to get there. It’s smaller and less complicated than Bangwoldan. 


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