Indoor S’more 

Growing up my family used to go camping a lot. One of my favorite parts of camping? Was it cutting and hauling wood for the fire? Setting up the tents? Sleeping on the ground? No. it was s’mores. I love them. Now living in a tiny apartment in a huge metropolitan area, I don’t have a blazing fire to roast marshmallows over, but I will not be detured. I got some jet puff mallow cream on sale and had a great idea. S’mores of course! This is a super simple recipe. All you really need are Graham Crackers, Nutella and mallow cream, but we added strawberries for a little something extra. They don’t have the roasted flavor of marshmallow but these are super tasty little treats that preschooler  absoloutely loved. Warning: keep mallow cream away from preschooler, he will lick it straight from jar. 



Marshmallow Cream

Graham crackers

Strawberries (optional, but you should) 


Spread desired amount of Nutella on half sheet of graham cracker. Repeat with marshmallow cream on other half. Dip mallow half in diced strawberries and make into sandwich. Enjoy! 


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