Cat Cafe Daegu

My husband loves cats. Loves them! So when we heard about a cat cafe where you can pet and play (but not pick them up) we had to go. I used another’s blog to try to find the location and it was an it confusing. But luckily we are decently familiar with downtown Daegu, so we found the place. It is located downtown by the walk through McDonald’s and the stage where random performances often occur. It is situated in the 4th floor above The Body Shop

This is the street sign directly in front of it.

When you get inside it is 8,000 won for adults and for the 3 year old 5,000 won. The fee includes a drink. They have both hot and cold coffee, tea and juice for the littles. And they have kitties! So many kitties! All types, breeds, size and age. There are flufffy kitties, feisty kitties, and sleepy kitties.

My 3 year old loved just as much as my husband. The one year old, she wanted to remove the kitties ears, so she didn’t get to play with them. There are only a few rules: don’t pick them up, have nice hands with cats, don’t feed them human food and don’t wake a sleeping kitty. Let me warn you, it is in the 4th floor and is not stroller friendly. My husband had to carry it up 4 floors and we left it just outside the cafe as we had our drinks and rubbed kitten heads. For an out of the ordinary adventure, go check it out 🙂

I have uploaded the cafe as a place on the waze app if you need directions. Just search Cat Cafe. I found it easiest just to walk!


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