“Feel a barbecue in Daegu”

You guys, we found an American eatery in Korea that is (for the most part) legit. As soon as you walk in the smell of BBQ overwhelms the senses. It was almost like stepping on American soil. Not to mention, they had craft beers! Of course being in Korea things are a bit different. The restaurant, Linked, is set up to look like a subway car. The preschooler thought that was pretty cool. Though he was confused why he couldn’t get the in the train. 

We went in and asked for a table for 4. After a few minutes we were seated. They were surprisingly busy for a Monday night. We were brought two menus and shown our options. We got a dinner for 3 served on a large tray. We got to choose three meats and three sides. In Korea, portion sizes are significantly smaller than in the United States. A serving for two at Famouse Dave’s would have fed us all. Here, we ordered for 3. We got smoked chicken (hind quarters), chicken steak (breast), and pork steak for the meats. The sides we choose were French fries (which I might add are the best fries I have eaten since being in Korea), grilled pineapple and a fresh green salad. 

It was also served with rolls. The server told us we were to use the Coleslaw, picked, roll and meat to make a sandwich. We laughed. This is American fair, we know how to eat it. 

Did I mention the beer? My husband and I both had a Kozel Dark. The beer was rimmed in cinnamon sugar, something I have never had before. It wasn’t heavy or coffee flavored as you imagine stouts or porters to be. It was light almost more like an ale. I really enjoyed it. Over all, I really enjoyed this restaurant and will definitely be making another trip here! 

One thing to remember, sometimes things do get lost in translation. But to really find yourself, you must first be lost. 

Linked is located on the second floor. If you put this address into google it will get you close. Next time I’ll be sure to put it in the Waze app. There should be signage outside and if you look up into the building you can see the train car wall above. 

56-1 Gongpyeongdong, Junggu, Daegu, South Korea


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