Mariwhale Macaron 

French food in Asia? Coming to Korea, I thought I knew what most food establishments would serve: kimchi, rice dishes and lots of vegetables. I was right, but there is so much more. One thing I did not expect is all the French backeries, especially macrons! 
There are so many little shops all over the city. After dining at a traditional Australian restaurant (yes, Daegu has an Outback Steakhouse-it’s expensive and everything is as expected: really spicy or sweet), I wanted a little sweet treat and some coffee. 

The macarons are not overly sweet and come in a variety of flavors: chocolate, mocha, blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, apple, Hawaiian blue, and some flavors a little on the wild side like red velvet, green tea, and purple sweet potato. 

If you don’t mind an ugly macron, you can get the broken /cracked/halved sweets at a discount. The regular Macroons were 900 won (little less than 80 cents). Broken snacks were 700 won (60¢). 

If you have never had a macron before, give them a try! 
To get to Mariwhale Macron: go to Jungango Station (Number 1/Red line). When you exit the stairs turn around and walk the opposite way. (If you come out of gate 3 elevator, you will immediately see Outback tomyour right.)You will see Outback Steakhouse on the corner. Cross the street. It is on the same side of the street as Outback about a block down. 


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