Audrey Hepburn Cafe

Do you love Audrey Hepburn? If so, you will love the cafe dedicated to her here in Daegu! 

Not only do they have great coffee, but an assortment of other drinks from teas, and smoothies to flavored vinegars! (I assume these are like kombucha, I didn’t try one). It is also a bakery with some sweet treats. The one thing that is nice in Korea? Their sweets are not nearly as sweet as America. You don’t feel like you swallowed a rock after eating half a brownie. Or the whole thing, I won’t judge. 

If you know someone who loves Audrey Hepburn you can get a lot of coffee related swag for them too! The cups start at about 13,000 won and go up. 

The atmosphere is great. Slow music, soft chatter of couples speaking in Korean or School girls reading. I’m definitely happy I stumbled upon this little gem in the Namgu district of Daegu. 

Maybe this will help you find it.
Go. Enjoy the coffee and the treats. From one coffee lover to another. 

#audrey #hepburn #cafe #snacks #treats 


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