Saladdin Indian Pakistan Restaurant 

If you love curry, I have found your resturant. Saladdin serves an assortment of middle eastern food with an assortment of curry, naan and tika just to name a few. 
After a short bus ride you can find yourself within a 5 minute walk to the restaurant. The food was absolutely amazing. You can get single dishes or order from a menu for multiples from 2 to even 8 people. We ordered a meal for 3. It came with 3 drinks (we got OJ for the preschooler, hot Chai for the hubby and a blueberry Lassi for myself), rice, garlic naan, butter chicken curry, vegetable curry, said and tandoori chicken. All of that cost 40,000 won or about $35. It was well worth it! 

The place is pretty easy to find. Take any of the busses on the photo below then get off at Kyungpook National University Athletic Center. 

Next put 79 Daehek-ro, Buk-gu, Daegu 41544 into your GPS. It will bring you to the opposite side for he entrance but you will see a sign. Go around the flower shop to the other side and you will see the entrance. 

You have to head up to the 3rd floor. We took our back pack diaper bag and a kid sleeping in a stroller up all 3 flights. A little pre-lunch workout. It was definitely worth it. They do have seats for babies, so aside from toting stuff all the way upstairs, it is a family friendly restaurant. If you love Indian food, give it a try! 


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