Ubud, Bali Eats and Drinks 

We took the family for a trip to Bali in May for an anniversary/birthday/Mother’s Day get away. It was amazing! We spent most of our time in Ubud, but there are many towns and places to see. There was so much culture, lush greenery, temples and the most kind and accommodating people you can imagine. 

The food was similar to what you find in Korea, lots of spice and lots of rice! Bali is actually know for its amazing rice paddy technology and terraces that provided amazing views. Some are even world heratige sights. 

There are two places I want to talk about. First is Puspa’s Warung. It is a tiny eatery that has awsome food and fun drinks at a more than reasonable price. For less than $12 American, we fed our family of 4 to include house made juices the toddler could not get enough of!

One more thought on the food that even my husband echoed; it all felt healthy. It seems many times on vacation, I end up eating junk food as it’s just easy and often cheaper than fancy restaurants. All the food was colorful and steamed. Rice replaced fries. Fresh juice instead of soda. Portions were actually appropriately sized. There were not Olive Garden portions unless you actually ordered a family meal. The food coupled with constantly sweating actually let to a vacation weight loss rather than gain. That’s a win in my book! 

The second topic is the Luwak Coffee. Coffee cherries are fed to civet cats, which are not actually cats, the beans are fermented in the animal’s stomach and excereated. The exposed coffee beans are washed, dried, toasted and ground. The tour we went on allowed us to take part in this hands on process where no conventional machines are used. The 3 year old thought it was cool he could roast some beans over “big hot fire!” 

After the tour we got to sit down and try (for about $5 a cup) the coffee and an assortment of other coffees and teas. I, personally, was not a fan of the “poop coffee” but had to try it and put it in the life experience bucket. I more favored the ginseng coffee. The husband drank the rest of the cup. 

Of course these are only two of the hundreds, if not, thousands of places to eat on the small island that is Bali, Indonesia. You can find places for next to free or places that weigh a bit heavier on the pocket book, but there certainly is not a lack of options. We even saw a Dairy Queen on the Main Street in Ubud. 

Going to Bali was definitely a once in a lifetime experience. I would go back today if I could. It was an enriching and actually relaxing vacation. I could probably write a whole blog on just the chocolate massage I got that made me smell like brownie batter.  But for now, I will leave you with poop coffee and amazingly priced Indonesian fare. 


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