Brewers Brothers Pub

Happy Saturday! Last night a friend and I got away to enjoy a kid free night on the town. Since there are so many store fronts, arcades, knic knack shops and claw machine nooks, there was a lot of meandering in and out of places that are not typically “kid friendly.” Many places are up stairs (read: not stroller friendly) or full of shiny things my kiddos would un-shelve in about 5 seconds flat. 

As we set out we knew where we were headed by suggestion of a place to get beer in Dauge. The Nebraska girl in me cheered to find another lady who will drink beer! We headed to Brewers Brothers. 

The front of the pub looked Irish, maybe because it was green, but it was themed more as an English Bar. One of the funny things in Korea is the mishmash of cultures that are thrown together. This place was Irish looking, English feeling, yet, served mostly American liquor. Though not sure which English speaking country it really represented, we definitely enjoyed the food and beer. As well as the ability to sit at the bar without being sidecar to a stroller. 

The Fish and Chips. Of the food they served, fish and chips was highly promoted so my friend and I both gave it a try. Aside from the quirkiness of being served white vinegar instead of malt, the food was amazing. Unlike many foods in Korea, nothing was extremely sweet or spicy. It was what I wanted in fish and chips. The batter on the fish was crispy and light and the French fries…. they were perfectly fried, and salty pieces of heaven. The best part? We were served an appropriate amount of ketchup and tarter sauce for my American taste. If you are a fish and chip fan and find yourself in Daegu, make this a stop on your trip if you want a break from kimchee. 

Now for the real reason we choose this place: Beer. Overall, we had 6 beers. Don’t get crazy, part of the beers we had were a sampler flight of 4 beers. Instead of locally brewed, in-house beers, we were served beer from Belgium, Germany, and America. Many of the light beers were citrusy tasting, which I was not a fan of, but I definitely still drank them. The German weitzen took me back to Deutschland in its own sweet way.  

My favorite of the beers was an American Beer. The Founders porter was dark and thick and a bit like coffee. This USA my kind of beer. I am a bit of a dark beer fan. Give me a porter, stout or dunkles beer and I am a happy girl. 

Overall, this was an awesome restaurant. The variety of beer was great compared to most Korean restaurants and the fish and chips were on point. I wouldn’t say this is a family friendly place though, at least with small kids. It is after all, known for beer. All of the tables are also high top tables with no extraordinarily high baby chairs in sight. 

The restaurant is downtown between the Banwoldang and Jungangno subway station on the red line.


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