My Interview With a Dietitian

With her meek smile, light hearted laugh, and only standing about 5’4″ you wouldn’t expect Ana Wolf, Registered Dietitian, to be a force to be reckoned with. Your expectation would be wrong. The name Wolf is definitely fitting.

It takes a certain personality to work with our Nations finest Soldiers, Sails, Marines and Airmen, and Ana has it.

“I’m passionate about food, and I’m not your ordinary dietitian.”

She doesn’t beat around the bush so to speak. Ana has no fear in asking those hard question to get to the root of nutritional issues in the military community. One reoccurring theme is with the daily physical training required by the military, some members believe they can just eat whatever they want. Ana is the one to tell them that is not so.

While she does work with military members, she also works with military families. If a spouse wants to lose weight or even bulk up, Ana can handle it. Kids are picky eaters or have sensory issues, guess what? She can help!

I was originally interviewing Ana to nominate her for a spotlight section in our local Stars and Stripes. I asked what resources she really liked or recommended. One site she mentioned was Super Healthy Kids. I had never heard of the site before. Being Momma Loves Food, this piqued my interest. provides meal plans, with nutritional information, that kids will be excited about eating as well as community support. Basically, a “how to make vegetables your kids will eat.”

Ana, along with her Chef husband Jason, both mentioned that people are just not eating vegetables. Parents come in asking why their kids don’t eat greens. When the parents are questioned about the vegetables they eat, the usual response resembles something like “I’m a meat and potatoes type of person.”

What?! Wait.. what? Of course. That makes perfect sense. Kids won’t eat vegetables because they never see their parents eat them. That makes so much sense, right? My kids always only want what I am eating. I put the same avocado on their plate, but the piece on my plate taste better! Do I give them the avocado from my plate? Yes, yes I do. Then I take theirs and all is fair.

How to get your kids to eat vegetables? Monkey see, monkey do! Makes sense to me! To get your kids to eat vegetables, you have to bite the bullet, rather the broccoli yourself.

**I want to take a second to thank Ana and Jason for having lunch with me to get an interview. As life with kids is, it was no easy task. Kids are rambunctious, parking is near impossible in korea, especially at a hot soup place in a day over 90 degrees, and we were limited for time.**

I may make another blog just about the lunch portion of trying to get kids to eat, go play (think Korean version of Chic-Fil-A but with hot beef soup and no chicken), wipe hands, order food from people who don’t speak English, get the wrong food, get no food, and on and on and on, just for an interview.


3 thoughts on “My Interview With a Dietitian

  1. Nothing like having someone with sincere pleasure with what they do for a living and is a real person who understands the daily struggle with food, kids and really every day life struggles. I hope everyone is aware of the help with nutrition Area IV had to offer.


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